I tend to always have a project or two going at any given time. This is current listing of other places you can find stuff that I'm working on.

Written Work

RSL Soapbox - The managing editor once referred to me as "..our resident refereeing expert, as well as our tallest writer..." and I think that's really the best way to describe what I do there. I fill in from time to time on match coverage, but for the most part I'm just there to explain why and where calls went wrong.

Backline Soccer - Another outlet that I'm primarily there to talk about officiating, but the national nature of the outlet affords me opportunities to focus on my love of the Utah Royals.

Dev.to - I don't use this place as much as I would like to, but I occasionally pop in to see where I can help with .Net Core and C# problems.

Spoken Word

Pro Foul Podcast - A podcast primarily about women's soccer around the world. My primary role is as a producer/editor, but as situations arise I feel in for the three main hosts of the show.


GitHub - I'm a software developer, it seems like a crime to not link to my GitHub account.