A couple of weeks ago on an episode of The Pro Foul Podcast, I somewhat casually mentioned my dislike of the "gatekeepers" of the world and that I saw them as more of an obstacle than a barrier. This was primarily in the context of becoming a journalist in the American soccer landscape, but I think it carries pretty well throughout your life.

No matter what it is you're trying to do there will always be someone or something saying "you have to do it our way". Whether that's an official organization or just a random smattering of people on the internet. There will always be an entity trying to protect their niche by making you feel like there isn't space.

There is always space.

The galaxy is infinite and the maze of cables that creates the internet just increases the vastness of it. You can be stepping on the toe like appendages of an unknown beast and take a minute step and be miles away, but still on the path.

So make your own way and end up where you want to end up. Keep your head up and your eyes on the goal and no matter how many forks in the road you take, you'll end up at your destination.

However, when you get there, remember all of the hurdles you had to jump along the way. All too often we are so wrapped up in breaking down barriers we fail to ignore the barriers we've created for others in our wake. Sometimes intentionally, but a lot of the time unintentionally. You're not opening any doors if you're building new ones along the way.

Be mindful of the things you love and have worked hard for, but be careful to not accidentally make it difficult for others to love and work hard for it.