Rome wasn't built in a day and it also wasn't built with the wrong set of tools, so let's start putting together the tool kit for this project.

Visual Studio Code

There are a lot of code editors and integrated development environments (IDEs) in the world, but I think VS Code is one of the best around. It works almost everywhere and is the same across everything. There are a lot of powerful extensions and it does a lot of smart things.

.Net Core SDK

The installation is going to be different depending on what environment you're in, but once you have the SDK installed you should be good to go. Again, this is something that spreads across all environments and behaves the same across those environments.

To verify you have .Net Core installed, open a terminal window (which you can do through VS Code and run the following command:

$ dotnet --version

Version Control (Optional)

You don't need to use version control, but if you're new to this it's something to get in the habit of using. Obviously, I already have this project setup on GitHub, but you may want to work on your own version in your own GitHub account.

I'm not your dad though, so do whatever you want.

Make sure you've cloned your repository to your machine...


...and that you're working in that directory


(Note: I always recommend setting up an SSH key for GitHub. You can find instructions here)

Wrapping Up

That's it, the tools are in order. Next time we'll start working on building the foundation.